Clement & Pekoe

Clement & Pekoe is an independent cafe based on Dublin’s South William street. Once neighbours, we are good friends and they now operate our CAFE in 9 Essex street, Temple Bar. We were initially asked to develop their website during which we evolved their identity and commissioned a photography image bank.

In 2015/16, we were asked to look at packaging for the company across a range of deliverables. The first project was Tea packaging where we sourced a local Irish supplier who could produce the sealable bag required. We used the hero gold colour for the ‘house’ bag designing a range of transparent stickers to be applied per content. We built out a colour spectrum for their ‘Retail’ bags allowing the bags to sit together but also represent the taste profile of each.

Clement&Pekoe-01 Clement&Pekoe-02 Clement&Pekoe-04 BagsCollection-01 770 Tea_bags_1 INDIGO_AND_CLOTH_22_07_16_0000_Layer-14 INDIGO_AND_CLOTH_22_07_16_0004_Layer-7 INDIGO_AND_CLOTH_22_07_16_0010_Layer-1


9 Essex Street East, Temple Bar,
Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone (01) 670 6403
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