Teeling Whiskey

The Teeling Whiskey Distillery is the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years and will bring the craft of distilling back into the very heart of Dublin city center. This is about starting new traditions. At Indigo & Cloth, we have been privileged to help develop the brand from strategy through to creative.

Indigo & Cloth were tasked with developing the strategy for key stakeholders. This strategy would deal with brand personality, positioning and creative platforms amongst others. Writing the strategy was one thing but expressing it was another. To reflect our words, we chose a mixture of litho print and foil blocked 130gm munken polar pages, a 3 page internal fold out and a 320gm stock cover with slip.

Alongside the strategy, we were involved with other key expressions for the brand including the distillery, films and website. The innovative website tells the brand story, showcases the portfolio and houses a shop and social channels. The website alongside the core brand films we produced gave the brand a great platform from which to launch itself.


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Photography: Al Higgins


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