About Us

Indigo & Cloth is a branding studio that conceives and produces creative ideas. We are critical thinkers, solutionists and brand builders. What a brand does is essential but we believe how a brand behaves, looks and feels is equally important to its success.

Our place is strategy into creative, translating boardroom planning into ideas and actions. We say branding because we believe so many elements connect under that term. With an entrepreneurial approach we accelerate a company’s cultural impact by making their creative expression relevant.



We are a design led, full service studio. Design to us is thinking made visual, meaning we put form on content. We like to work with companies that value brand narrative and design. It’s important for us to know your story or to create it together.

We don’t believe in disruptive adverts so instead we focus on experiences and innovation. We value insights and ideation. To us, it makes sense to know an industry before you work in it. Furthermore, it’s good for you to know us and how we operate. We make sure to outline our approach at the beginning of each project or tender.

Brands no longer control the message, consumers do. They do not differentiate between what’s above and below the line, so we deliver integrated creative. Marketing is what you say; branding is what they say back.

Our Capabilities

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Identity & Print Design
Digital Design & Programming
Retail / Interior Design
Project Management
Photography & Film Production
Social Strategy & Content Creation
9 Essex Street East, Temple Bar,
Dublin 2, Ireland
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